Playing around with Photography

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Just out playing around with some macro photography this morning. This is a Chevy El Camino hotwheels I barrowed from my granddaughter (yes, I’ll give back). Smile


Taken with my old Nikon S210 point and shoot camera.


My Tubo Pictures

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Any Cemetery

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For our 27th anniversary, my wife and our granddaughter took a drive north of where we live in Columbus, GA. Our destination was supposed to be Desoto Falls in Desoto State Park in Alabama, but we never made it (that’s usual for us). The destination was just a target to drive toward.

Anyone that knows me knows I like to wonder around old cemeteries and take in the history and art of the headstones. I don’t consider it creepy in the least bit at all.
I stop at every old cemetery I come across!


Like this one. On Saturday, 01/14/2012, I went geocaching. I will usually go north, south, east or west from where we live to geocache (I really don’t care for geocaching around where I live – I can do that anytime, but this day, I decided not to stray too far from home and went toward the Tuskegee National Forest in Alabama. It took me 2.5 hours to go 50 miles from my house because I kept finding all the old cemeteries!

The above headstone was behind this church:


This church is no longer used, but has a lot of character about it though.

2012-01-15_09-04-14_333 2012-01-15_09-43-26_894

Headstones like the one above is the reason I like walking around old cemeteries.Some graves have been long forgotten and if it weren’t for people like me, nobody would even know the forgotten graves were even there.

Union Springs Old City Cemetery

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Old City Cemetery (The Confederate Cemetery)

Micaja Norfleet Eley donated land in 1849 for the Baptist Church and an adjoining public cemetery. The oldest cemetery in Union Springs. It served the city for 35 years. The Confederate Monument at the center of the cemetery was unveiled at the intersection of Prairie and Hardaway streets on March 29, 1895 by the Ladies Memorial Association in 1973 it was moved to its present location.

Locally known as the Confederate Cemetery, it includes the tombstones of some twenty-two Confederate soldiers. Below the Confederate soldiers grave sites is a marker which reads, “Union Prisoners of War. 1861 – 1865. Victims of Plague.”


GC1Z8KQ_004 GC1Z8KQ_005

While visiting Lake Eufaula

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Taken on the lake in Eufaula, AL

One More–Seminole State Park

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The day after my birthday, I decided to finish the south-west part of the project by going to Seminole State Park.

I was suppose to leave around 6:00am, but I didn’t hear my alarm and ended up getting on the road at 10:00am. I got to Seminole SP at around 12:30 more or less.

Here are a couple pictures I took while there.

A panorama shot of the park, at lest the park at where I was standing.

Another panorama shot of the park at shelter / table #1; right as you leave the office park.

Just to give you and idea where the park is located in Georgia. The panoramas were taken at the drop-pin.

In all, it was a decent daytrip. Wish I could have spent a little more time there and the surrounding places.

5 More State Parks

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I get to mark off 5 more state parks off the list!

The 2nd Georgia State Parks Trip:

  1. FDR SP     (done on 02/25/11)
  2. Sprewell Bluff SP (02/26/11)
  3. High Falls SP (02/26/11)
  4. Indian Springs SP (02/26/11)
  5. Panola Mountain SP (02/26/11)

I was a little surprised that attendants were on duty at nearly every park I went to. With the exception of FDR and Spewell Bluff, attendants were present. It’s a good thing I purchased an annual pass for the parks or the parking alone would have cost $25.00.

FDR State Park (02/25/2011)

Spewell Bluff State Park (02/26/2011)

High Falls State Park (02/26/2011)

Indian Springs State Park (02/26/2011)
I think this is one of the best state parks I’ve been to so far! (and it’s the oldest state park in the nation).

Panola State Park (02/26/2011)

I had two more on the list for that day, but by the time I was coming home from Panola, it was already a little too late to be going to the last two.
The last two were Sweetwater State park and John Tanner State Park and both were on the other side of Atlanta from Panola.
Panola makes the tenth state park I’ve visited. I could claim a few more, but I visit those before I stated the state parks project.

Oh well, there is always next time!

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