01/29/2011 Fort Mountain State Park

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**Continuing my 2011 project to visit all the state parks in Georgia**

Today was my visit to Fort Mountain State Park in North GA. Had to get on the road by 6:00am, but it was worth it. I did get to do a little geocaching while visiting the park. Smile


It kind of surprised me that there was still snow on the ground! Not just a little either, there was patches of snow all over the park!


See the white of the far side of the lake? That’s snow (ice or both).


A shot of the lake right when I got there.


A view from an overlook just before getting to the park.

Had a Great time in North Georgia today! I plan to come back again and again!


While out 11/27/2010

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These are a few pictures I took while out Geocaching in North Alabama (Fort Payne / Desoto Falls area).

On the way to Fort Payne, AL Saturday Morning



On the road back

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When we went exploring around Desoto Falls and Cloudland Canyon, on the way back we past by an open area next to the road. The view was fantastic!
I passed the spot and had to turn the truck back around an pull off, got out and snapped off this shot (and several others).

On the way back from Desoto Falls and Cloudland Canyon

I thought the shot was worth taking!

Cloudland Canyon Last Year

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This is a shot I took during the fall of last year during leaf season in Cloudland Canyon in North Georgia.

Cloudland Canyon State Park in Rising Fawn, GA

Cloudland Canyon in Rising Fawn, GA

Cemetery in Rome GA

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The cemetery on one of the seven hills of Rome, GA. Tiered steps go all the way up to the too, but you can drive to the top. This day, I climbed the stairs to the to but made the mistake of not eating a snack or taking at least a pack of crackers with me. Even though I didn’t find the cache I was looking for, I still had a good time here. Also got a Lot of really good pictures on this hill though.

Cemetery on one of the 7 hills

From One Of The Seven Hills Of Rome

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This shot was taken from on too of one of the seven hills of Rome, GA.

Its a pretty nice view from here! Never did find the cache I was looking for. 😀
Had a great time wondering around in Rome that day!

From 1 of the 7 hills of Rome

North Georgia

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Taken while caching in North GA. Always love caching in North GA!
This was taken from an old roadside cemetery that was next to the pasture seen in the photo.

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