5 More State Parks

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I get to mark off 5 more state parks off the list!

The 2nd Georgia State Parks Trip:

  1. FDR SP     (done on 02/25/11)
  2. Sprewell Bluff SP (02/26/11)
  3. High Falls SP (02/26/11)
  4. Indian Springs SP (02/26/11)
  5. Panola Mountain SP (02/26/11)

I was a little surprised that attendants were on duty at nearly every park I went to. With the exception of FDR and Spewell Bluff, attendants were present. It’s a good thing I purchased an annual pass for the parks or the parking alone would have cost $25.00.

FDR State Park (02/25/2011)

Spewell Bluff State Park (02/26/2011)

High Falls State Park (02/26/2011)

Indian Springs State Park (02/26/2011)
I think this is one of the best state parks I’ve been to so far! (and it’s the oldest state park in the nation).

Panola State Park (02/26/2011)

I had two more on the list for that day, but by the time I was coming home from Panola, it was already a little too late to be going to the last two.
The last two were Sweetwater State park and John Tanner State Park and both were on the other side of Atlanta from Panola.
Panola makes the tenth state park I’ve visited. I could claim a few more, but I visit those before I stated the state parks project.

Oh well, there is always next time!


Dowdell’s Knob

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Dowdell’s Knob at the sight where Franklin Delano Roosevelt had his barbecue on Pine Mountain in Pine Mountain, GA.

A bit of information on Dowdell’s Knob:

A President’s Place of Reflection
Near the northern end of Georgia’s 10,000 acre Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park is a place where the presence of the American President who guided the country through the Great Depression and World War II can still be felt.
Dowdell’s Knob, named for a 19th century farmer, was a favorite spot for picnicking and quiet thought for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. First attracted to the region by the nearby warm springs that he hoped might provide a cure for the paralysis he suffered as a result of a devastating bought with polio, Roosevelt fell in love with the beautiful country surrounding Pine Mountain. He built his Little White House, the only home he would ever known, nearby in 1932. That same year he was elected to the Presidency and went on to serve longer than any President in American history.
Roosevelt was a great lover of the outdoors and often drove his hand-controlled Ford car up Pine Mountain to picnic, enjoy the scenery and think in the quiet and solitude of the heights. In this manner he discovered the place that would become his favorite, Dowdell’s Knob.

FDR’s barbecue:

Florence Marina State Park

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I can’t help but to keep looking at the pictures I took while on my 4 state park mission.

Can’t wait to get back out there to visit a few more state parks!

My 2011 Project

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My project for 2011 is to visit all the state parks in Georgia!

First step was to get a annual state park pass so I can get into the parks without paying at the gate.


Not counting historic sites and other state run things, there are 58 (I think) state parks in Georgia. It’s $5.00 to park in a state park (usually) so $5.00 x 58 = $290.00. Granted, I’ve never paid the $5.00 to park or get into a park, but I usually go during the winter months and attendants are usually not present in these months.

The first 4 I plan to visit are:

  1. Florence Marina State Park
  2. Providence Canyon State Park
  3. George T.. Bagby State Park
  4. Kolomoki Mounds State Park

Stay tuned for pictures of the parks! Smile

Sprewell Bluff State Park

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Sprewell Bluff State Park: <—- Google Map Link



I wondered up on this park while out geocaching the other day and made a waypoint in my GPS so I can find it again.

It looks like a fantastic place to come back to during the warmer months (I like parks and oceans during the colder months).

Other than the locals, I don’t think it’s all that well known.