I’m just a guy that likes exploring my state and the surrounding states (GA, AL, TN, FL, SC, NC, and as far up as KY).

I tend to use a few cameras when I’m out traveling or wandering around.
I used to geocache but haven’t done any in well over a year now. The groups I’m in have went from a Fun past time/hobby to being all about how many finds, how fast you can find them and it’s ran the groups into the ground… Soo,, I stopped.
Plus, when I do get to go out and see/visit/or just wander around, I want to spend that time seeing things.

  • If I’m geocaching, it will either by my Blackberry Storm or my Nikon 210.
  • If I’m out just taking pictures, it will be either my Nikon D100 or Nikon 210
  • If I have these two on hand, I will use a Sony U20 or another small Sony.
  • Sometimes, if I feel like bringing it out, I will use my Sony F717 (it takes awesome pictures).

The posts will be uploaded from anything I use that’s mobile – laptop, tablet, phone, one of my cameras has built-in WiFi and I can connect to the internet through my phone.

Since I like sharing the places I go and the places/things I find, this is perfect for it.

The Cameras I use:

  •  Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Nikon s210 Retired
  • Nikon D100 Retired
  • Nikon D3200
  • Samsung NX300

A New addition to the “mobile family”

  • Asus Nexus 7 (2012 model)

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