It really has been a while since I last posted to this blog!


I’m putting together a 72 hour Go Bag. Well, I was putting it together, it’s done now.



Everything was purchased of Amazon for the bag and nothing was high-dollar.
Example; the knife above cost $7.00. Full metal and with a fire-striker and nylon sheath. I’d say the most expensive thing was either the 32oz Nalgene bottle or the Stove. I think both were in the mid $20 dollar range. A LOT of the stuff I already had on-hand.

OH! The most expensive piece was the bag! It’s a Maxpedition Barron Duffle bag. But honestly, it was purchased for my traveling not for this. I just decided to use as such.

The ONLY thing left to gather up are the food items, but that I can pick up along the way.