I get to mark off 5 more state parks off the list!

The 2nd Georgia State Parks Trip:

  1. FDR SP     (done on 02/25/11)
  2. Sprewell Bluff SP (02/26/11)
  3. High Falls SP (02/26/11)
  4. Indian Springs SP (02/26/11)
  5. Panola Mountain SP (02/26/11)

I was a little surprised that attendants were on duty at nearly every park I went to. With the exception of FDR and Spewell Bluff, attendants were present. It’s a good thing I purchased an annual pass for the parks or the parking alone would have cost $25.00.

FDR State Park (02/25/2011)

Spewell Bluff State Park (02/26/2011)

High Falls State Park (02/26/2011)

Indian Springs State Park (02/26/2011)
I think this is one of the best state parks I’ve been to so far! (and it’s the oldest state park in the nation).

Panola State Park (02/26/2011)

I had two more on the list for that day, but by the time I was coming home from Panola, it was already a little too late to be going to the last two.
The last two were Sweetwater State park and John Tanner State Park and both were on the other side of Atlanta from Panola.
Panola makes the tenth state park I’ve visited. I could claim a few more, but I visit those before I stated the state parks project.

Oh well, there is always next time!