My project for 2011 is to visit all the state parks in Georgia!

First step was to get a annual state park pass so I can get into the parks without paying at the gate.


Not counting historic sites and other state run things, there are 58 (I think) state parks in Georgia. It’s $5.00 to park in a state park (usually) so $5.00 x 58 = $290.00. Granted, I’ve never paid the $5.00 to park or get into a park, but I usually go during the winter months and attendants are usually not present in these months.

The first 4 I plan to visit are:

  1. Florence Marina State Park
  2. Providence Canyon State Park
  3. George T.. Bagby State Park
  4. Kolomoki Mounds State Park

Stay tuned for pictures of the parks! Smile